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10 beautifully modern staircases.

There was an era that the staircase was a modest thing unless you lived in a castle. It was usually built of wood which stood against the wall. Now-a-days, the central design of any place revolves around a staircase and hence transforms the interiors of the place obsessed by its staircase.

Staircases have now become a priority for Architects in Dubai as they see that staircases are now a sensational aspect of a house which is either newly designed or to be renovated. Now, homeowners spend a lot on staircases along with rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. This is one area which was neglected since the last five decades however it is getting importance.

One should not take the process of changing the staircases lightly. But, if it hinders the light, it is not easily combined in the house. If the house is in a wobbly condition, one may better look up for a better alternative. The best time to think about a new staircase is when a person can think about a new staircase is when a renovation is taking place. Every staircase has to be planned individually as it will change the look of the house and make it appealing. Each interior must be considered as a unique space. In case of a building, stainless steel staircase is the best option as it works well on the upper floors and in case of a really majestic home with a remarkable entrance hall needs for a touch of royalty.

There is a variety of staircase available with the Architects in Dubai out of which 10 beautifully modern staircases are:

Beauty of a twenties luxury liner

Beauty of a twenties luxury liner is an outstanding staircase which is trendy in the market. It gives a luxury taste to your house. It is the first time in the history that the material used for such staircases is used in such a way.

Social Climbing

Social Climbing is a fashionable staircase along with glass balustrades, timber steps as well as leather railing which is designed to create the best of the light as well as the space.

Contemporary and Timeless Staircase

This introduces the staircase which rises from basement through to the first floor. The railing has leather covered railings attached on low iron glass panels and also continues around all open steps as well as settling edges.

A two-storey grand glass staircase

A two-storey grand glass staircase is a staircase with a confident and a contemporary specification.

A Clean Sweep

A Clean Sweep staircase is backed by a veiled structure which is skillfully crafted into the wall. Endless steps and risers of the European Oak in addition to a glass railing which all add up in giving a to give a fresh and a new finish.

Architectural Theatre

An Architectural Theatre is a helical stairway which is made out of oak treads and is fixed along with stainless steel columns with bent toughed glass railing and timber handrails which are wrapped in extravagant dark brown leather

Pure Hollywood

Pure Hollywood is a far-reaching staircase which donates in the direction of a perfectly dramatic entrance. Cast material stairs fit in a glass railing with timber handrail.

Lower ground floor staircase

This lower ground floor staircase is covered in stone combined with balance of beautifully contrary to the humble white plastered bulwark wall. Its features comprise of a dusky brown leather hand-stitched railing and LED lighting.

Cantilevered dark walnut staircase

Cantilevered dark walnut steps are admired by a modest white painted plastered balustrade covered with dark Havana-stitched handrail.

Traditional meets fashion

Cantilevered staircase with Green Oak steps to connect with the nature of the barn adaptation. A hand-stitched leather covered railing adds a contemporary solid feel.

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