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5 common mistakes in web designing and development

In a world of instant information access through the World Wide Web, where anything and everything can be reached just a click away, Web Designing and Development could be the determinant of failure or success!

Satisfying everyone is difficult; everyone has different tastes and preferences.

However, your target should be that your web page is easy to access, user-friendly and catering to the needs of at least 90 percent of the viewers.

Professionals, even the most qualified ones, do make mistakes. It is only natural! Here are 5 common mistakes made during Web Design and Development and how to avoid them:

  • Messy Webpage: The most common mistake web creation services make is leaving their webpages exceedingly messy and with poor content organization. It is important to guide the user through your entire webpage, appropriately cutting off content at the right places, introducing images and other such visual markers that make a website user friendly.

Most importantly, avoid illegible or exceedingly fancy font and overly cluttering the available screen space with information. Leave a little white space for the user to breathe! Keep Content up to date and worthwhile. Also, avoid adding badly contrasting colors. This makes it extremely bothersome to the viewer.

Dubai web Design
Web Design & development

Provide adequate navigation links to make your website user-friendly.

  • Lack of Optimization: in this day and age there are simply too many options of devices to view a webpage. NOT optimizing your website experience for each and every one of them is a cardinal sin!

In this respect, avoid heavily loading your website with too many heavy graphics that take time to load, provide the user with a search bar option (this is a must!), and avoid too many popup windows.

Also ensure that all links do in fact lead somewhere! Leaving blank links is a  tell- tale sign of poor web design.

  • Necessitating registration before access to content: Forcing the user to part with private information BEFORE providing them with the content they came for is the ultimate viewer loser. Provide at least a teaser of information before registration.
  • Complicated Registering: avoid going into FBI mode over registrations. Keep it straight and simple, avoiding too many boxes to fill.
  • Design before Content: this is an ultimate no-no. Decide what the website content is going to be before going into the design. Otherwise, you will end up fitting in content later into a design which will make it a very messy process!

There you have it! Avoiding such mistakes can easily boost your viewership to a great extent. Keep in mind that the viewer is pressed for time. The trick is to engage them with a presentable and functioning website that caters to their needs. Avoiding these mistakes during Web Design and development go a long way in ensuring that your website is user-friendly.

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