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Advantages of using Cable Tray.

Cable tray system is a wiring system that is essentially divided into many forms like Ladder, Solid Bottom, Wire Mesh, Single Rail and many more. According to the National Electrical Code, a cable tray system is “a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a rigid structural system used to fasten securely or support cables and raceways.”

Over other systems, a cable tray is the most popular and widely used wiring system. Apart from India, there are also several cable tray suppliers in the UAE. It offers tremendous advantages, major ones being, a low installation cost, wiring system flexibility and simplicity to understand and operate.

Apart from this, a solid advantage of a cable tray is that they can adjust to intricate and difficult configurations with simplicity and standard tools. Cable trays cause significant savings to the one installing them. They might not be lower than that of the conduit system, but they’re definitely full of savings.

Easy and less complicated

A cable tray wiring system comes with very less accessories and no proper custom fittings. As a result, installation and running is quick and easy! With very few accessories and no fittings to order, installation is quick and easy. Cable tray installs much faster and typically deliver big cost savings.

Like mentioned earlier, there are several kinds of cable wiring systems commercially available. Out of all, the most common, sorted and the easiest is the ladder type of system that provides which provides sublime drainage and ventilation, along with being comfortable and affordable to work with. The rest of the kinds of systems are made to address various needs– like in order to support heavy cable; we need a solid bottom design. Since one of the main functions of cable trays is to support the cable and not safeguard it, they should only be used in accordance withthe wiring procedures and methods mentioned in NEC Article 392.

Cable ladder
Cable trays

Moreover, apart from these benefits accrued out of cable trays they are easier to maintain. If installed carefully and according to the instructions, cable trays are easier to check and cost less to maintain.For more information regarding Cable tray visit

Cable trays are an epitome of industrial advancement

Cable trays fashion greater flexibility. However, when you’re moving equipment—or plan to do it in the future—cable trays have the skill of adapting quickly to your requirement. There is one limitation, that is of the number of cables and wire one can install, but the limitation is lesser when it comes to cable tray system due to strong ventilation. It is found that it’s much easier to install multiple trays than multiple conduits.

There are several countries selling cable trays, and UAE is definitely one of them. Cable tray wiring systems are readily available in the UAE. There is also an International consistency in cable tray system.

To sum up, cable trays of all kinds have one thing in common, i.e. savings. All readily move towards effective savings.  


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