Benefits of hot dip galvanising to the steel industry

Steel is an alloy of iron. Because of that, whenever it comes in contact with oxygen, iron oxide or rust is formed because of which the steel loses its strength. Steel is a very popular material widely used in a number of industries such as construction, infrastructure, automobiles, machines, appliances etc.

To prevent steel from rusting, there are a number of ways that include electroplating and zinc coating. Out of these, zinc coating, also called galvanizing is popularly used for industrial purposes, and therefore you will find many companies that provide hot dip galvanisation in Dubai.

Hot dip galvanizing is a process where zinc is chemically bonded to steel. In this the steel product is covered with layers of zinc. The process involves coating the steel with four layers, where the first three layers use zinc-iron alloys and the fourth one uses pure zinc covering. The first three layers of zinc-iron alloy boosts the strength of the steel, while the final layer of pure zinc prevents the steel product from any form of corrosion. Being a sacrificial anode, zinc has more negative electrode potential then steel and will sacrifice itself to prevent steel from corrosion.

Since the process of hot-dip galvanizing creates a metallurgical bond between zinc and steel, the chances of rusting are reduced. The process also offers more uniform coats making the steel product look even and feel smooth.

Thus it is very beneficial to the steel industries which manufacture steel tubes, sheets and pipes for construction purposes.


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