Benefits of having suparis

Supari is the nut, loved and chewed by the people all over the world. It was originated in South and Southeast Asia and soon became a habitual custom. Not only as a chewing substance, but the suparis also has a cultural significance and used in customs for weddings and pujas. It comes in different varieties with different flavours such as sweet supari and flavoured supari just to pop up the taste buds. These are a good taste changer and carry some health benefits as well. Listed here are a few of the benefits suparis deliver.

  • Recovers stroke: It is considered good for improving muscle strength and bladder control. Also, it helps in stroke recovery. Along with this, it is good for the brain as it improves speech and the muscle control in patients suffered any brain injury.
  • Prevents Anaemia: It is used for preventing anemia in pregnant women as it alleviates the iron deficiency and glucose levels. Its ability to control the glucose level also helps the patients with diabetes.
  • Relieves from stomach worms: It is beneficial in combating tapeworms and roundworms. It proves a good treatment for expelling the stomach worms. When consumed regularly these can help in curing other stomach problems such as indigestion, diarrhoea and stomach aches.
  • Treats depression: It is a very useful substance that encourages the nervous system as it has antidepressant properties. Regular chewing of soft supari relieves a person from stress and depression and elevates the energy levels being a stimulant.

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