Colon Cancer Screening Can Save Your Life

Colon cancer is a cancer of the large intestines. This is the lower part of the digestive system that is in charge of gathering all the waste products and disposing of them from the body. Often the word, colorectal cancer, is used to describe the cancers which occur in the lower intestines.

Despite the fact that this cancer is very preventable it also ranks as having the second largest number of deaths due to cancer. There are several methods to keep a tab to defend prevent falling victim to this: cancer, talk to the best gastroenterologist in Dubai to get yourself a screening test.

Do you have a medical history

it is always advised to talk your close related to find out if there is any case of collateral call your rectal cancer in the family food stop if there are any certain cases, you should consult your family doctor and go for a regular screening from the age of 50.

Best Gastroenterologist in Dubai

Go for self-examination

Keep an eye on certain things like changes in your stool, if it turns black daddy or daddy, you may have there is a chance of having a problem, such as the presence of a hidden problem or blood in the stool. Talk to your family doctor before coming to any conclusions I was there could be many other possible do you sins for these abnormalities other than cancer.


Go for colonoscopy

your gastroenterologist can schedule a colonoscopy. This is a procedure recommended for both the woman and man above 50.


There are two choices of cleaning your colon before performing a colonoscopy. One is laxatives at home and another one is called colon hydrotherapy in the office.


During this procedure, the doctor will check for any polyps and signs of cancer or rectal diseases. This is done under general sedatives so that your gastroenterologist can remove the polyps and the samples will be sent for biopsy. Once you get your biopsy results, you can go for an appointment with a gastroentrologist near you.

Screening test and early detection of cancer in early stages can be cured and a person can lead a long and healthy life with the right treatment.


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