Common questions about Botox treatment


Botox is very popular treatment in Dubai to help the patients gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The very idea of undergoing Botox is an important decision. The next important step is finding best Botox treatment in Dubai. When you’re planning to consider this, you should ask your cosmetic surgeon about the procedure. Here are some commonly asked questions which will help you to decide whether this procedure is the right for you.

Botox Treatment in Dubai

What is Botox Treatment?

The treatment is performed with the help of small injections of a compound called botulinum neurotoxin that temporarily stops action in the nerves, hindering movements and offering relief from some therapeutic conditions. Botox specialist will let you know, where the injection is set to ensuring your treatment looks normal, as well as helps you accomplish the look that you desired.

Is the smile affected?

It appears as if everybody has seen a TV program or funny comical that misrepresents the impacts of this procedure. “An elderly lady who tells everyone around her that she is laughing, yet they can’t tell since she just got Botox. Her face remains stiff and does not move by any stretch of the imagination”.

Many patients do encounter a diminished ability to move their facial muscles; however it is not usually as extreme as it is depicted in the films. For instance, a man can smile even after a treatment, yet they can’t smile as they could before the treatment.

Is it safe?

The risks of the side-effects are quite common with any drug. Some of the common side effects of Botox are muscle weakness, itching, muscle stiffness, running nose and sore throat. Patients may report a few mild swelling and inflammation at the site of injection.

Is it a permanent fix?

Often, this depends on the treatment that is given to the patients. Some patients choose to receive dosages of injections that last for about six months while others prefer to go for an injection that lasts for up to five years.

Cosmetic surgeon suggests their patients to start small with the first injection so as to reduce the side effects.


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