Exterior Lighting- beautify your property.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting intensifies or increases the beauty of your property. It is also safe and secure to have outdoor lights. Exterior lighting is different than interior lighting because your eye needs less light outdoors than indoors. If you want people to take a second look at your house you need to have an eye catching lighting. Meet the best interior design consultants in Dubai who can suggest you the best way out in exterior lightenings.

Entrance:A well-lit entrance adds beauty to your home and it will also enable you to greet your guests at the entrance. Wall lanterns on each side of the door gives your home a warm and welcoming look. Having a well-lit entrance prevents people from tripping on steps and it makes them easy to find the doorbell or keyhole.

Steps, Pathways and Driveways: They should be well-lit to make sure your family members or your guests are able to move easily in dark. Add colour to your path lights to make it look even good.A 7 to 8-foot-tall post lantern at a driveway entrance is a useful landmark to help visitors and emergency vehicles find your home at night.

Exterior lightnings
Exterior lightnings

Garage: You need to have good lighting outside the garage to ensure safety and security. Consider having motion sensor lights.

Decks, porches and patios: They can be changed to a romantic evening setup by having well-lit lights.You can have a good tea time or you can plan romantic dinners for your loved ones.

Swimming Pools: Consider having underwater lighting in swimming pools as they add beauty and it is safe to swim at nights.

Fountains: Fountains with underwater lighting enhances the elegance of your home.

Outdoor Rooms: If you have outdoor rooms, consider having chandeliers or you can have a carriage lantern if you want a traditional look.

Candles in outdoor spaces enhances your mood instantly. You can even have string lights to create a festive mood.

Outdoor kitchen: If you have an outdoor kitchen or grill light it with gooseneck outdoor lights. It will give an ideal look.

Garden: If you have a beautiful garden, enhance its beauty by combining low voltage lighting with access lighting. You can do this by lighting selected sections and by contrasting with dark lights.

It is very important to know where you should place these lights as there is the insect concern. Insects are attracted to bright lights. It is very important to clean these lights periodically.A well planned and executed exterior lighting gives an elegant look to your house and creates a magical effect at night.


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