Why do you need a family doctor?

According to the best law firms in Dubai, most people of unaware of the things that a family lawyer does. Family lawyer is usually known for being a professional who handles divorce matters. However, their duty is not restricted to divorce matters. They do a lot more than that! The duties of a family lawyer cover almost all the legal activities that involve a family. Right from pre-nuptial agreements to adoption, or even the dissolution of marriage.

Apart from the legal services, they also provide counseling for couples troubled with their marriage. They do so as the law makes it mandatory for the professional to help clients resolve their problems.

Best law firms in dubai

There are a lot of reasons why you should contact a family lawyer. Though the most common reason is divorce, there are several other reasons. They are –

  1. Child custody: The family lawyer will use all his/her technical knowledge and will help in negotiating with your partner so you get your child’s custody. They will ensure that the child gets to stay with the best parent.
  2. Support for the child:  If you don’t have your differences sorted out and if you don’t have enough resources to support the child, then the lawyer will see to it that the child gets support from both the parents through a proper documentation.
  3. Rights to visit the child: Most of the times, the parent who gets the custody, doesn’t allow the other partner to visit the child. A family lawyer will sort it out by helping you negotiate the visits.
  4. Adoption: Adopting a child requires you to undergo a legal process. A reliable lawyer will see to it that this process goes smoothly.

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