Healthy Cake Recipes for Any Celebration

When it comes to sweets and desserts, a cake is undoubtedly the favorite of many. However, many people avoid them because of being health conscious. The fat and calorie content of cakes, make this delectable dessert quite unhealthy. But by replacing these ingredients with healthy things, you can make the not so healthy cake, healthy. When you are out to fetch the best cakes in Dubai from the best bakery, you can ask the professionals there to keep the recipe healthy so that you bring a cake that is not only delectable, but also is not at all harmful for your health.

G’s is amongst h top bakeries where you can find some of the best cakes in Dubai that too made in a health conscious way. These recipes include fewer calories and fats, while aiming to provide important nutrients like fiber and vitamins. Let us take a look at a few of the healthy cake recipes and celebrate any occasion more healthily:

· Carrot Cake: This cake recipe eliminates the unhealthy substances including sugar, white flour and butter from the dessert. All these things are replaced by healthier substitutions like dates, whole wheat flour and bananas. You can also add a healthy dose of carrots, walnuts, coconut to bake a perfectly textured cake topped with honey sweetened cream cheese.

· Flourless Chocolate Cake: this is a simple chocolate cake recipe, but in place of white flour, whole wheat flour and baking chocolate is used. A punch of nutrition is added to the recipe by packing some healthy ingredients like eggs, coconut oil (in place of cream and butter), cocoa powder and honey (instead of sugar).

· Banana Cake: the banana cake recipe is made healthier with just replacement of the ingredients. The all-purpose white flour is replaced with a combination of corn floor and whole wheat flour in the ratio of 1:1 giving the recipe a nice crumby texture. For a healthy sweetness in the cake, stevia, ripe bananas and almond butter do the thing.

· Fruit-Only Cake: this one is the healthiest choice for celebrating any occasion. Ingredients like whole wheat flour, honey and lemon juice are the basic ingredients of this healthy recipe. You can add all kinds of fresh fruits like banana, strawberry, pineapple and apples to add a load of vitamins and mineral to this decadent cake recipe. Of course, you would need peeling and knife skills to make it perfect.

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