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Why Legal Assistant Is A Must For Your Business

People, who own a business or planning to set up a business, do everything except hiring a lawyer for their firm. However, professionals at say that having a legal assistant is essential so that all the legalities involved with it are covered. is one of the most sought-after law firms in Dubai. According to the professionals at the firm, a legal assistant takes a lot of load off the shoulders of a business owner. Here are a few reasons why you need a legal assistant for your business –

1. They will assist in the business plan. A business plan needs some legal considerations and these considerations have to be met in order to avoid running into problems concerning the law.

2. They help in finding a name and trademark issues. They are aware of the legalities and trademark issues related to naming a company. They also know about patent rights. Therefore, they make no mistake in selecting a name for the company and thus ensure that it doesn’t face any legal problems. They also assist in reserving a proper domain name for the website.

3. They take care of legalities involved in new acquisitions, mergers and collaborations. They also help in creating partnership agreements, creating an LLC operating agreement, as well as a shareholder agreement. They also help in documenting the meetings with shareholders and submitting IRS forms.
4. They help the business owners with employee tax formalities such as acquiring an employee identification number.

5. They assist the HR professional in hiring new candidates (they check if the person is involved in illegal actions). They also help in contracting the vendors and in hiring contractors.

6. Legal assistants have the required knowledge to create contracts and creating important clauses in the agreements. They also know about creating buy-sell agreements.

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