Mandatory health insurance Dubai: what should you know?

When it comes to health insurance in Dubai, then you should know that having one is mandatory for all the residents of Dubai according to the new legislature. Here we shall be taking a brief overview on the Dubai Law No. 11 of 2013 i.e. Dubai Health Insurance Law, which will help you to understand the health insurance policy in Dubai.


How are the employment relationships affected by the Dubai Health Insurance Law?

The employers are requested to sponsor the health insurances of their employees by the Dubai Health Insurance Law. This law is applicable not only for the companies in the mainland of Dubai, but also for the companies in the free zones here.

What happens if the Dubai Health Insurance Law is not implemented by the employer on time?

In the case where some employer is found to be not obeying the Dubai Health Insurance Law, they can face sanctions that may include financial penalties, or blocking the license of the company.


Who will be paying the premiums of the insurance?

Only the company’s employer is responsible to pay the premiums of the health insurance of his employees. These payments should not be deducted from the salary of the employees. they should be entirely borne by the company’s employer.


How much the health insurance does covers?

The minimum benefits of a health insurance, which includes basic health care services as well as emergency medical treatment within the entire United Arab Emirates should be covered by the policy. The basic insurance cover ranges from AED 500 to AED 700 per annum for each employee. Whereas annual claim limit is AED 150,000.


Before buying a health insurance in Dubai, you must make sure that the insurer has an official permission to give policies according to the Dubai Health Insurance Law. PIBCo or Pearl Insurance Brokers Company is Dubai is one of the best insurance companies here which can provide you every type of insurance policies at affordable prices.




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