All you need to know about mini gastric bypass

Although various conventional weight loss methods, including diet and exercise can actually help in shedding excessive weight from the body. But if you happen to be morbidly obese, then unfortunately these methods might not always work for you. Your medical practitioner can recommend a bariatric surgery to lose weight effectively and save yourself from a multitude of obesity associated problems including, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol level, heart attack, stroke, etc. If you are looking for a bariatric surgery in Dubai, then LapSurgey  is highly recommended. You will find an experienced and skillful flock of doctors serving in the hospital. You can check out their website and see what all types of bariatric surgeries they offer.
The mini gastric bypass surgery is one of the most preferred of all types of bariatric surgeries because it is short, simple and give successful results than other weight loss surgeries. The following advantages and disadvantages will give you a better insight of this surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery Dubai
                                           Gastric bypass surgery Dubai

Advantages of mini gastric bypass:
· Reversible: Unlike other surgical weight loss procedures, the mini gastric bypass is reversible and it does not much more post-surgery attention as compared to other bariatric surgeries. People who undergo this surgery can fully recover from. It also gives them the option to have the surgery reversed. So if you do not recover or respond well the surgery can get it reversed any time.
· Shorter procedure: Being a shorter procedure, this takes less time to be executed, usually 30 to 40 minutes. When compared to other bariatric processes, it takes only a quarter of the time required for performing other procedures. Additionally, the recovery time is about 24 hours, but it often depends on the surgeon, hospital, and on how you will respond to the surgery.
· Lesser risks: Since the mini gastric bypass uses a laparoscope, therefore it is less invasive and accompanied with less risks. No large incisions are made in the abdomen by the surgeon. So, there is no or minimum risk of getting scars or developing a hernia.
· Less expensive: The mini gastric bypass is the least expensive bariatric procedures as compared to various other as it is performed much quicker and also is less invasive than others.
· More successful: this kind of surgery is far more successful than any other surgical weight loss procedure. It decreases hunger while increasing the feeling of being full for long. But yes following a healthy lifestyle is still important if you need to keep your weight at bay even after the surgery.
Disadvantages of the mini-gastric bypass include:
Serious complications: although occurring very rarely, the complications of this surgery are generally more serious than with other bariatric procedures.
Nutritional deficiency: since there happens to be a reduction in absorption of vitamins and nutrients, after the surgery, there is a greater risk of nutritional deficiency.
Life-long supplements: you will be required to take life-long vitamin and mineral supplements in order to avoid any kind deficiency following surgery.

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