Five Best Oral Health Practices for students!

Ever wondered what will be the situation if you wake up on a fine morning having a severe toothache? Well, that will not be ‘fine’ for sure. It is found that children are the worst sufferers & that is exactly what is behind circulating the remedy of such painful experience by an initiative conducted by WHO.There are many dental clinics in Dubai, but Dr. Anand Shenoy dental clinic in Al Satwa Dubai is a treasure land in terms of oral problems They have officially suggested that by the end of 2020, oral health hazards can be reduced largely  by conducting oral health practices at schools.

So folks, let us find out possibly the best oral health practices that students can follow while at school:

Brushing– Well, there’s nothing new to say. Correct brushing action is essential to prevent dental plaque indicated by the accumulation of a sticky gum-like structure. This one is damn harmful as being contributed by mainly the organism Streptococcus mutans. So, a correct brushing action is certainly worth your oral health.

Use of Fluoride containing Toothpaste– Brushing with a toothpaste rich in fluoride is an excellent oral practice. It halts the early decay of teeth & promotes remineralisation. Fluoride also disrupts acid formation, which is not at all desirable for your very own chewing tools.

Oral Hygine
                Oral Hygiene

Less Consumption of Sugar rich snacks– Now who doesn’t like cookies and candies? But it may surprise you to know that sugar is a seemingly high provider of teeth erosion. Microbial association digests sugar &form the obnoxious, dirty stuff your dentist warned you about.

Flossing– Teeth have favorite regions to give access to the dental cavity, gum disease. The most vulnerable area for developing a plaque is the contact point between two teeth. It is exactly where bristles cannot reach. Therefore, dental floss comes to the rescue. However, remember friends, you need to apply it at sites most prone to dental hazards.

Consulting a dentist on yearly basis – Lastly, this is the kind of practice you may find meaningless. But just give it a shot. Consultation is necessary to keep your teeth devoid of any poor oral health.

Dr. Anand Shenoy dental clinic is a well-equipped,multispecialty clinic serving state of the art facilities to their patients as they conduct the above-mentioned oral health practices. Thus among the well- developed clinics in Dubai Dr. Anand Shenoy Dubai clinic has become a pioneer in this field by their act of satisfying their patients.


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