Teeth Lumineers- Pros & Cons

There have been various inventions in various fields to tackle all kinds of problems. Medicine is also one field that is constantly evolving with new inventions. Dentistry is also a branch which faces its own kind of challenges. One such challenge is gapped teeth. Even though many people are affected by this situation and shy away from smiling, it can be evidently mentioned that gapped teeth is the least of all the problems related to teeth that could happen to you.

Although the situation is not so bad, there are potential and workable solutions to this problem and people have found their way back into smiling happily again! With the introduction of dental Lumineers, the problem with having gapped teeth was more easily cured. Dental veneers are usually construed of thin sheets of porcelain which are structured on the teeth with gaps.

However before deciding to completely going into the lumineer business, one must properly weigh its pros and cons and try to decide if it’s worth a shot! Below are certain teeth lumineers pros and cons:


  • Probably the most attractive quality about lumineers is that they can last up- to 15-20 years depending on how you use and maintain them. Their durability is really long and they are usually capable of serving in the long haul.
  • One does not need very complicated tools or procedures to maintain these. Regular brushing and flossing are the only basic practices you need.
Lumineers teeth
Lumineers teeth
  • With lumineers one can easily see a difference in their teeth in a matter of months. One sees immediate results.
  • They are capable of not being stained and/ or effected by coffee, alcohol or other liquid stains.
  • They are a very good solution for curing gapped teeth and other types of dental challenges such as cracked and/or malformed teeth.
  • The material used for making lumineers is specifically made and shaped according to the patient’s teeth, giving it a natural look.
  • Lumineers requires no kind of drilling or physical work in the teeth. And they can also be removed pretty easily.


  • One disadvantage is that lumineers can fall heavily on the pocket. Which means that can be quite costly.
  • Even though lumineers are hard and durable, they can still cause trouble if one bites into some hard food or accidentally receives hard force on them.
  • Sometimes the teeth can become extra sensitive due to the installation of the lumineers.
  • Some users also sometimes complain having experienced pain while using lumineers.
  • Lumineers can sometimes be spotted from far on because they protrude slightly from your teeth.
  • The teeth often feel like they are thicker than normal and this might cause some inconvenience to certain people.

After properly balancing both the pros and the cons, one can easily make a decision whether or not to go for lumineers. Every aspect of every solution comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Wisdom lies in paying attention to the solution of the problem rather than focusing on small troubles that might occur later.


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