Name few best tooth paste for your family.

Toothpastes are one of the things that are inevitable in a person’s life. Our day starts with it and ends with it and people usually stick to toothpastes of one brand throughout their life. Parents give a lot of importance in picking the most trusted toothpaste brands that will be used by their kids and entire family. They usually rely on the TV advertisements that promise to offer the best protection of teeth.

Most toothpaste adds today claim that their product is preferred by the best dental clinic in the region or by the top dental expert. Most dental experts tell people that the toothpaste brand is not important, and what really is important is to brush and floss properly. So being the best dental clinic in Dubai, it is our responsibility to help people choose the beast product available in the market.

Over the past few years, we have seen toothpaste brands growing in significant numbers and the products in the offering to have a wide variety. Supermarkets in Dubai are loaded with rows of different toothpaste brands claiming to work the best for the betterment of your teeth. These heavy claims leave the customers ambiguous. Customers can opt for toothpaste that offers more than just battling cavities and the brand of the paste can be elected as per the advice of the best dental clinic in Dubai.

Here are some of the most trusted toothpaste brands according to the best dental clinic in Dubai:

  • Colgate. This has been around forever and is still leading in the market. It is the most popular choice of consumers and dentists around the world advice the use of Colgate for complete dental hygiene.
  • Crest. This brand offers a wide range of purpose including protection from tartar build-up. They also have specifically flavored toothpaste for children.
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                Toothpaste Variety
  • Sensodyne. This is a relatively new brand but it has gained huge popularity and trust from consumers who suffer with sensitive teeth. Sensodyne claims to lessen the pain due to tooth sensitivity and it is suitable for both adults as well as children.
  • Close-Up. This brand has gained popularity for including mouthwash ingredients in its toothpaste and it also promises to prevent cavities, and make breath fresh.
  • Aim. This brand offers gel toothpaste to controls tartar formation and they also prevent cavities.
  • Pepsodent. A highly popular brand and it promises to eliminate plaque buildup.

It may not be possible that any one particular toothpaste brand offers everything you wish for, but most brands try to offer compressive dental care. Finding the best toothpaste brand to suit your needs is important and find out the about it from the best dental clinic near you.


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