Top reasons to buy huawei p10 plus  

Huawei has upped its brand value with its promising releases, the P10 and P10 Plus devices. The two devices released a few days ago but the buzz about them doesn’t seem to fade! The Huawei P10 plus has become the talk of town in Dubai, all thanks to its advanced features.

The Huawei P10 plus is so popular in online electronics in Dubai because it not only comes with better hardware, but it also has great specs and features that come for a reasonable price.

Huawei-P10 Plus price in Dubai

Here are the top reasons to grab the phone –

  1. Camera Quality: The one very important thing that most of us look for in a smartphone is the camera. The phone comes with 20MP +12MP dual rear camera. The rear camera is also capable of capturing 4K videos. The phone also has 3D facial recognition which helps capture great portrait shots.
  2. Stunning Design and Vibrant Colors: Another very captivating thing about the phone is its design. The phone is very sleek and its lightweight makes it easy to carry around. The specific color patterns of the device make it unique.
  3. Great Performance: This is something that appeals to a gadget lover!  The phone beats its competitors with its excellent performance. With HiSilicon 960 processor, the phone offers incredible performance. Apart from the high-end processor, the 6GB RAM gives it a double advantage with better multitasking opportunity and no lagging issue.
  4. Brilliant Screen: With WQHD IPS-NEO LCD screen with 540 PPI, the Huawei P10 Plus scores great points. The gorgeous and attractive screen feels great and the color saturation makes it look realistic.
  5. Accessories: We see that the latest smartphone brands aren’t providing accessories along with the phone. That is not a worry with Huawei P10 Plus!

Now you have all the appealing reasons to grab the phone. Looking for the best place in Dubai to buy it? Contact


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